Get a saddle that's perfect for you

Diplomacy Saddlery (so named after Shirley's incomparable show hunter, aka “Bobbin”) specialises in the manufacture of bespoke bridle work.

As the owner/producer of show hunter and M&M ponies we understand the importance of having correctly fitted bridle work and saddlery that not only shows off horse and rider to the best advantage but ensures optimum comfort and therefore performance.

We stock a full range of saddles for all disciplines, and offer a professional, tailored saddle fitting service.

We stock saddles by Black Country Saddles, Ideal Saddles, Fairfax Saddlery, Kent & Masters,  Farrington Saddlery, Fieldhouse and Thorowgood as well as stocking and fitting WOW saddles and fitting and maintaining the Flair system in saddles.

In addition we hold a stock of quality second hand saddles and offer a selling service for customers.

Saddles designed and fitted for you:

  • Saddles are made following an initial onsite consultation with you and your horse
  • Specific problems you encounter while riding can be targeted and minimised
  • Saddles can be adjusted depending on your riding style
  • Knowledgeable advice can be given during the consultation, if you have any questions, call us now

Ill-fitting saddle affecting your riding? Then call Scottish Side Saddles at Diplomacy on
01560 484 916

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