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Shirley's continued interest in side saddle riding and the development of the sport led to her being awarded a coveted Queen Elizabeth Scholarship in 2002.

These scholarships are awarded to distinguished crafts people to help fund development in their chosen field.

Having faced the ongoing problem of trying to find side saddles, made in the 1900's until 1940, to fit today's horse and rider, she, in conjunction with saddle tree makers Lariot of Walsall, developed a modern side saddle tree.

Based on a 1930's Mayhew tree it combines traditional design with modern technology and materials and is designed to fit today's horse with it's warm blood and sports horse influences rather than the thoroughbred type of the early 20th century.

We have had great success with this modern tree and can offer a bespoke side saddle, hand crafted and made to the individual requirements of both horse and rider.

We  aim to offer a “one stop shop” for the side saddle rider. We offer a selection of side saddles for sale in addition to side saddle girths, numnahs, balance straps, and stirrups. For the rider we offer Side saddle habits, canes, bowler and top hats, gloves, veils etc.

To encourage newcomers to the sport we offer a side saddle and side saddle habit hire service, ideal for people wishing to participate but without the considerable outlay involved in the purchase of a side saddle.

We stock a wide range of both side saddles and habits suitable for from the smallest lead rein rider to those of more generous proportions!

In addition we have a wide range of period side saddle habits and costumes available to hire.

Shirley Justice Vose is a qualified Side Saddle Association Instructor and offers tuition to individuals or small groups, tailored to your needs.

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